Pictured: Taylor Fowler, Benefits Assistant Director

My HR Pros give our clients the option to "Build Your Own" Employee Benefits Package, specifically tailored to your unique business needs. One of our HR Pros is available to walk you through the Benefits Administration services that are perfect for your business and your employees. Contact us today to get started!

Medical Benefits starting at $40/Employee


Offer your employees medical benefits for as low as $40 per employee per month.

Offer 401(k) Plans to your Employees


Set up 401(k) for your employees - one-time fee and done. It's that simple. No hidden fees.

An excellent 401k option for your team!

About our pooled plan with Transamerica:

  • Easy to Join
  • Gives you administrative relief
  • You gain cost efficiencies

    You're not responsible for:

  • Selecting & managing investments
  • Sending out notices
  • Many other tasks

Want to know more about our employee benefits administration service?

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