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We give our clients the option to "Build Your Own" Employee Benefits Package, specifically tailored to your unique business needs. One of our HR Professionals is available to walk you through the Benefits Administration services that are perfect for your business and your employees.

Retirement Planning

My HR Professionals sponsors a Multiple Employer 401(k) Plan, which is entirely administered by My HR Professionals. The MEP 401 (k) Plan model allows clients to set eligibility and have the options of an Employer Match, Traditional or Enhanced Safe Harbor Match, or No Match plan. My HR Professionals does the rest.

Retirement Planning - Employee Benefits

Medical Benefits starting at $40/Employee

Offer your employees medical benefits for as low as $40 per employee per month.

Offer 401(k) Plans to your Employees

Set up 401(k) for your employees - one-time fee and done. It's that simple. No hidden fees.

Supplemental Benefits - no cost to you!

Offer your employees supplemental benefits at absolutely no cost to you, the employer.

We're here to help
Navigating retirement planning can be stressful. My HR Professionals can help you step by step.
Employee Benefits - Retirement Planning Services

Employee Benefits Administration Services

Eligibility Notification:

  • My HR Professionals sends clients a notification once an employee satisfies their benefits waiting period. As an optional add-on, we can send an eligibility packet to the individual employee's mailing address for an additional charge.

Benefits Enrollment Guide:

  • My HR Professionals can create a customized benefits administration enrollment guide specific to your company. The guide provides a better enrollment tool for newly eligible employees.

Internal Summary Sheet for Full Administration Accounts:

  • A detailed, internal informational sheet is created for each full benefits administration client and contains all information regarding benefits.

Enrollment and Changes Management:

  • My HR Professionals provides enrollment management for qualifying events and newly eligible employees by obtaining enrollment forms from:
  • the employee/client
  • enrolling the employee with each carrier
  • entering deductions in our payroll system
  • distributing insurance cards and summary plan documents to employees

Termination Reporting:

  • My HR Professionals notifies all carriers to end coverage once an employee has been terminated.

Benefits Compliance Research:

  • My HR Professionals will assist our clients with all benefit compliance questions.

Assist in Annual Plan Renewals:

  • During your company's annual renewal period, My HR Professionals will assist your insurance agent in enrollment. My HR Professionals creates and provides any requested forms and ensures your employees are enrolled for the new plan year.

Monthly Insurance Premium Reconciliation and Payment:

  • My HR Professionals will:
  • reconcile your company’s insurance invoices
  • remit payment to insurance carriers
  • calculate and setup any missed premiums and/or refunds monthly

Completion of Verification of Insurance Forms:

  • My HR Professionals will complete and respond to insurance verification for all clients.

Determining and Enforcing Qualified Medical Child Support Orders:

  • Our benefits administration specialists will determine the validity of Medical Support Notices, process, and enforce all qualified medical child support orders. All proper documentation will be sent to the corresponding court within the court-established time frame.

Life Insurance Conversion/ Portability Right Notification:

  • My HR Professionals notifies employees of life insurance portability/conversion rights upon termination of employment.

State Continuation and COBRA Compliance:

  • My HR Professionals provides State Continuation and COBRA administration compliance. COBRA Administration consists of:
  • delivering initial rights notification upon enrollment with coverage
  • sending election notices at the time of a qualifying event
  • processing federal premium subsidy approval or denial
  • processing Federal payroll tax credit
  • activating coverage with the insurance carriers and tracking payments
  • activating coverage with the insurance carriers and tracking payments
  • sending termination letters once an employee is no longer eligible

Cafeteria Plan Compliance:

  • According to IRS regulations, any company that allows benefits to be deducted on a pre-tax basis must have a Cafeteria Plan Document. The document specifies the benefits offered pre-tax, the eligibility period, and the company's plan year. My HR Professionals creates and administers your company's Cafeteria Plan Document to ensure you comply with IRS guidelines.

ERISA Plan Document Compliance:

  • ERISA requires plans to provide participants with information, including important information about plan features and funding. My HR Professionals provides an ERISA Wrap Plan Document and distributes the document and existing plan documents, to eligible employees. These documents constitute the employee.

Annual Medicare D Notification and CMS Reporting:

  • Each year, Medicare has an open enrollment period in which all people eligible for Medicare can join or change their Medicare options. My HR Professionals completes the required research to determine if a prescription plan is creditable in comparison to the Medicare D prescription plan. My HR Professionals notifies employees in regard to the credibility of their plans in comparison to Medicare and discloses this information to CMS by the required October 15th deadline.

Medicare and IRS Data Match Project Research and Response:

  • My HR Professionals identifies and reports all Medicare-eligible employees or past employees that are/were enrolled in their company’s health plans. As a result, you can rest assured that the requirement of assisting Medicare and the IRS is met and complete.

Affordable Care Act Compliance Assistance:

(At An Additional Cost)
  • distribution of mandated government notices concerning health and welfare plans, including the SBC.
  • completion and distribution of the Health Insurance Marketplace notice to employees.
  • medical Loss Ratio allocation calculations and money dispersal.
  • keep clients up to date with mandate requirements as DOL, HHS, and IRS issue them.

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