Protect your business and your employees.
Workers Compensation Support Services
  • When an injury happens at the worksite, what do you do? Call us – we will communicate with your Workers Compensation Insurance carrier to ensure the first report of injury and all other required information is submitted in a timely manner.

Injured Employee, What Now?

  • Call 911

    If it is a true emergency call 911
    Dial: 911

  • Contact My HR Professionals

    Tell us you have an injured employee
    Call Us: 479.474.7752

What Do We Do?

  • Assists in the coordinating where the injured employee needs to go and can schedule an appointment with the clinic.
  • We send you the necessary forms to be filled out for the carrier/adjuster.
  • We file the claim with the carrier.
  • If necessary, we file the claim with OSHA.
  • We will assist in the OSHA investigation into the injury, if necessary.
  • We will continually follow up with you to determine the work status of the injured employee.
  • We work directly with the claim’s adjuster to provide any wages, billings, or statements necessary.
  • Once the employee is back to full duty, we will document the injury on the required OSHA logs.
**FMLA Leave due to a W/C injury is included in our HR Support Services, or hourly rates are available if FMLA assistance is needed.