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Hiring in-house or multiple outsourced items can get costly. My HR Pros can be your one-stop shop when it comes to your business, including bookkeeping! No more worrying about your books being done right. You can rest assured that My HR Pros has you covered! We're located in Arkansas, but serve all over the Nation. Contact us today for a free demo!

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Take information that we are given and input into QuickBooks

Taking information from an existing program and then inputting that into the corresponding state agency sales tax reporting software. Then initiating a payment to that agency.

After all the entries have been made for a reporting period (monthly, quarterly, annual, or seasonally) a Profit/Loss statement, Balance statement, and Cash Flow statement will be sent.

Go to State taxing agencies and filling out necessary forms to apply for State sales tax numbers. This will allow a company to file and pay Sales tax. In some states it is also a sales tax exemption. (Your company will not pay sales tax on the items you resale.) In some states there are two separate filings one for filing and one for an exemption.

Sales tax exempt certificate in some states are different from Sales Tax number for reporting.

Pay Vendors for services or items, we will keep track of the receipts/invoices if we pay on your behalf. If you pay you can send us the receipts and we will keep a digital copy for you.

Create invoices for your customers and check on past due invoices based off your requirements.
When you buy a capital asset (office furniture, computers, equipment used to produce your product) we will create a depreciation schedule for your books, and your tax books.
We will pull information from your different software products to input the data into your books. Then depending on what you need/want from that information we can put the data into QuickBooks to help you make decisions for your company.
This description most commonly applies to reconciling a Bank account. However, if you have a need of a specific account such as payable, receivable, revenue, or cost account we can do that as well.
If you do not already have a QuickBooks set up, then we can do that for you. If you need updates or would like certain revenues broken apart, we can make those changes as well to help you make better decisions for your business.
If the state has a franchise tax we can file and remit payment. Requirements vary by state.
File for new EIN, Secretary of State, Articles of Incorporation. The Operating agreement is Excluded.

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