Outsourcing Payroll and HR Can Help Small Businesses Grow

Small-business owners often have to perform tasks they don’t enjoy, including payroll, which is a necessity. When businesses are just getting started, they may not have the resources to manage payroll themselves effectively. Building an in-house human resource and payroll team can mean the owner needs to manage employees whose industry they know nothing about, according to Startup Smart. Small companies should invest in their expertise instead of HR, which does not require an in-house core competency. Thus, allowing the small business to grow and thrive more easily all by outsourcing payroll and HR.

It can be more beneficial for small businesses to outsource human resources responsibilities to allow for growth. In addition to the time-consuming nature of payroll and administrative paperwork, employers need to comply with government and tax regulations. These reasons detract from the time business owners can spend growing their companies and acquiring new customers.

Small-business owners should consider what their companies do well and make investments to improve on strengths rather than spend in areas that will not advance the business.

Hiring Employees Who Will Drive Business Growth

Employing new workers is a massive undertaking for small-business owners because their resources are limited. Hiring an employee with skills in a particular specialty can help owners expand their customer base. Still, there are many considerations to examine before expanding staff, the U.S. Small Business Administration stated. Recruitment may not be something business owners know how to do well, and HR support services can help small companies hire the right employees.

In addition to salary, there are many costs of hiring new workers that can slip under employers’ radars. Small-business owners need to pay unemployment taxes, workers compensation insurance, Medicare and Social Security taxes, and training costs. Also, employers provide benefits for workers, the SBA said. All of these expenses can quickly add up, which means small-business owners need to make hiring count. It takes time and money to manage payroll, and this can impact business owner productivity. It can be more cost-effective to outsource payroll and human resources rather than hire workers to handle these tasks.

Small-business owners have limited access to capital. They need to focus on developing core competencies to support growth, Startup Smart said. Hiring employees who will drive profits and add value for customers is a firm investment for the future. Outsourcing payroll and human resources can help small-business owners focus on these goals.

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