A Collaborative Environment Helps Improve HR Functions

For any company’s human resources department to be effective, it must have a collaborative environment that emphasizes internal communication. In turn, a collaborative environment should help improve HR functions for any business.

When it comes to hiring, HR shouldn’t only be seen as the group that just reviews resumes. It should also be seen as the group that conducts candidate screenings and schedules interviews with departmental decision-makers. HR professionals can effectively do their jobs and provide organizational value as long as clear objectives. Hence, the incidences of a company making a bad hire are few and far between.

Each department in a company is different, and therefore, individual personnel needs won’t be the same across the board. One division may emphasize bringing on candidates who excel in technical areas. While others may feel that an individual who quickly makes themself a part of a team is more important.

Smart Recruiters list several hiring strategies that can address both needs and help those in HR narrow down the best candidate fits:

  • Use personality assessments:

Many internal decision-makers may feel that specific skills are something an employee can learn while personality cannot. Using a behavioral screening may be the best way to uncover if someone can fit within an established organizational culture.

  • Identify growth potential:

Many companies look for educational accomplishments when evaluating candidates, making the human resources job easy. However, HR professionals will become an even more significant asset to a company. Because HR professionals may screen applicants based on their potential for growth within a company, not based on what they’ve already achieved.

  • Sell the company, not the job:

Job seekers have different motivations. As the economy improves, they are finding that they have more employment options to choose from. For this reason, those in HR must sell a candidate on the advantages of an organization, not just the duties of working in a specific role.

Other HR Hiring Tips

Many HR professionals may not understand that they are typically the first point of contact a candidate will have with a company. It is for this reason that it is essential to deliver an excellent first impression. According to Monster’s research, 70 percent of job seekers will turn down an opportunity if a strong impression wasn’t made at the outset. On behalf of the company.

The human resources department must remember to put its best foot forward when speaking with those seeking employment, particularly those who can come in and be an immediate asset for an organization.

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