With today’s automated timekeeping technology, it is easy to for businesses, both large and small, to take advantage of the conveniences and improved profit margins that this powerful resource can offer. A few benefits of utilizing a timekeeping system include eliminating the preparation time involved with manual time cards, removing unnecessary labor costs, and reducing the cost of human error in time card calculations.

My HR Professionals offers a web-based timekeeping system with numerous clock options to meet whatever your business need might be.

Below are just a few of the reasons why you should consider a Timekeeping system

  • Eliminate hours of unnecessary and costly manual data entry
  • Manage employer reporting requirements for the Affordable Care Act
  • Minimize wasted labor minutes and employee time theft
  • Increase profitability while reducing administrative time
  • Protect your organization from labor disputes and costly audits
  • Streamline time card management with automated time punch collection
  • Secure, online reports provide you with meaningful data on demand
  • Reduce costly administrative human error and employee dissatisfaction
  • Ease the stress associated with payroll preparation through automation
  • Increase accountability and correct costly employee habits