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Boost profitability with automated time & attendance

Simplify time tracking for businesses with hybrid teams, complex shift schedules and mobile employees. Reduce labor costs, process payroll faster, prevent errors and improve compliance.

Solution Features


Capture precise time data from onsite, offsite and mobile employees.


Track GPS location for punch in/out and set manager alerts for missed or out-of-bounds punches.

Filtered Clock Prompts

Customize clock prompts by employee or work group to improve punch accuracy, speed up shift changes and reduce payroll errors.

Payroll Integration

Easy timecard review and approval with no manual data entry. Connects time data to payroll for improved accuracy and fast processing.

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Reduce Errors

Intelligent clock technology helps prevent duplicate or missed punches while reducing errors computing hours and pay.

Enforce Schedules and Breaks

Enforce schedules and prevent early clock-in from mandated breaks with customizable clock lockout–prevent payroll bloat from schedule creep while simplifying compliance with meals/breaks laws.

Customize For Your Business

Configure for your pay rates, schedule rules, PTO policies, and compliance requirements. Choose from a variety of integrated clock hardware and online clock options.

Access Timekeeping Anywhere and Everywhere

Track time for hybrid teams and mobile employees at any location and any shift. Administrators, managers and employees have convenient 24/7 access to mobile punch clocks, timecards, and accruals balances from any mobile device.

Improve Payroll Efficiency and Accuracy

Eliminate manual data entry, simplify timecard approvals and speed up processing. The system updates virtual timecards in real-time and managers have instant access for review and approval.

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