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In today’s day and age, technology rules the world. How much can we DIY online without filling out a paper form? How fast can we get that result? My HR Pros offers multiple software solutions in an a la carte format to fit everyone’s needs.

My HR Dashboard

Our HRIS software, powered by PrismHR, is the foundation of our technology service. This database holds everything needed to maintain employee records, process payroll, and track vital company information. PrismHR is paving the way in HRIS systems and passing that technology on to their service providers, i.e., My HR Pros. What are some of the features that My HR Dashboard can do?

Manage Documents

The Manage Documents section is an intricate outline of folders to hold company documents: your handbook, benefits information, quarterly tax reports, and employee documents (Forms I-9 and W4, custom company documents, emergency contacts, etc.).

Electronic Onboarding

Forget handing a new hire a giant stack of papers where they must write their name, social security number, and address 3 or 4 times. Your team can initiate Electronic Onboarding when a new hire accepts their offer! The new hire receives a link in their email, registers with our Employee Portal, and completes their new hire packet online. Once the employee shares their information, the system will pull it into other necessary forms, so the employee will not have to type it multiple times. If you are a current client with My HR Pros and are not taking advantage of our Electronic Onboarding, contact our Resource Center at and ask how to sign up. Not a client with My HR Pros? Click here to start your free demo!

Employee Portal

This platform is designed with employees in mind. In real-time, employees can update their addresses, tax settings, and direct deposit information. The proper use of the Employee Portal reduces the number of paper forms submitted and the processing time by having changes entered into the system by the employee. In January of each year, employees can also download their Forms W2 and 1095-C much earlier than waiting to have a paper copy printed and mailed.


Swipeclock is one of My HR Pros’ longest-partnered vendors and is still growing to fit today’s needs. This Time & Attendance platform offers a variety of time clocks (web, punch card, pin, and biometric, to name a few), scheduling, custom policy scripting, mobile punch, and a mobile app. It also fully integrates with My HR Dashboard. Employees who undergo the Electronic Onboarding process are automatically imported into Swipeclock. There is no need for double-keying!

Historically, we have utilized the TimeWorksPlus platform in Swipeclock, but a new option is coming: WorkforceHub. Be on the lookout for more information on this new option in the coming months!


Before a new hire makes it to our Electronic Onboarding or registering for the Employee Portal, you must find them. JazzHR is an Applicant Tracking platform that offers a variety of plans to fit your budget and needs. All plans include full integration with My HR Dashboard, unlimited candidates, free and premium job postings on 16 job boards, a mobile-friendly careers site, and much more. Plans start at $39/month and include a hibernation option. Schedule a demo with us here!


Emergencies happen. Pay Day seems one day too far away. ZayZoon is an Early Wage Access provider (you may have heard the term “Daily Pay”) that allows employees to advance up to $200 per day with a maximum of $1,000 per pay period. Funds are sent to the employee’s bank account within seconds, and services are available 24/7. ZayZoon also offers instant gift cards that can earn a bonus of up to 25%. So, if it’s Thursday at 9 p.m., you need to pick up that prescription for your child, and you don’t get paid until Friday? Early Wage Access can give you access to the money you need to pick up that medication. All advances are set up to be collected on the next processed payroll.

There’s a general hold-up when we talk about this service, though. What happens if that employee quits and has an outstanding balance owed to ZayZoon? Does ZayZoon come after the employer to recoup the funds? No! ZayZoon takes on full responsibility for all wages given to employees and will never ask My HR Pros or our clients to repay those funds.

ZayZoon is also an integrated widget in our Employee Portal. Employees whose employer participates in ZayZoon will see an interactive tile on the Home screen that will take them directly to the ZayZoon platform and show their current available balance. ZayZoon also integrates with our Time & Attendance software, so employees can see exactly how much they have available when they clock out from their shift.


Crimcheck is the newest software solution to My HR Pros. Launched in April 2023, Crimcheck offers background screening services. Again, everything is electronic and fully integrated with My HR Dashboard and JazzHR. Employers only need the applicant’s name, email address, or phone number to generate an Applicant Link. Once the Applicant Link is created, the new hire receives an email or text message with a unique link where they input their personal information and e-sign the disclosure documents. Report response times vary based on the county(ies) the employee lived in, but most reports are returned in 1-2 days. A dashboard allows clients to view their Applicant Link requests and Order statuses.

Reports start at $18 per order and include a County Criminal Check, National Criminal Database, Sanctions & Enforcement Search, Sex Offender Search, and SSN Trace. A La Carte options include:

  • 10 Panel Drug Screening with or without THC- $35
  • Credit Report – $7.50
  • FACIS (Fraud and Abuse Control Information System) III – $10
  • Motor Vehicle Record – $5

If interested in Crimcheck, you can submit an onboarding request through this link. Once submitted, our team will receive notification of your request and reach out to finish the service setup.

If you need software, My HR Pros may have a solution! Visit our website or reach out to us at for more information and pricing of our software options. We look forward to doing business with you!


Written by:
Lauren Jones, Director of Operations




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