So Much More Than Software!

So Much More Than Software!

One of my favorite things about my role as Director of Client Services at My HR Pros is that I get to interact with many of our clients about their businesses, the challenges they are facing, and all the ways that My HR Pros can partner with them to lighten their load.

Client Stories

In the past year, I have worked with clients who are experiencing unique pain points in their payroll and human resources functions:

One client was experiencing unprecedented growth in their business and needed help finding new employees and getting them onboarded quickly and effectively.
Another client shared that they utilize a timeclock system that once served their business well but now cannot meet the needs of their evolving business.
A third client was preparing for her retirement and looking to implement systems to lighten her team’s load as she prepared to transition into her next stage of life.

I could go on and on about different clients’ needs, but my point is that everyone who owns or operates a business is experiencing unique challenges that, in many cases, software can help address. In these situations, my team and I have recommended software solutions available through the client’s partnership with My HR Pros. These recommendations were not just made because it is my job – they were made because I have seen first-hand the difference our software and services can make for clients in a day-in, day-out capacity. (Quick Note: If you have not read our “Software Solutions with My HR Pros” blog post, I highly encourage you to do so!)

That said, I also recognize that there is a myriad of competing software solutions that our clients may utilize outside of the scope of My HR Pros. There is no question that some quality software solutions are out there, so why should business owners and operators partner with My HR Pros for these solutions?

Not only do we offer state-of-the-industry software solutions, but that software is undergirded by exceptional client support, which is surprisingly uncommon in the payroll and HR outsourcing industry. Unlike others, My HR Pros provides clients with a dedicated support team who know them by name and an extensive network of business professionals who view themselves as an extension of that business.

Your Dedicated Contacts

My HR Pros provides our clients with two dedicated contacts to ensure a more personal, simplified client experience.

As My HR Pros approaches our 29th Anniversary, we employ upwards of 60 team members across nine departments. This is a wonderful thing regarding our team’s experience and breadth of knowledge, but a few years ago we received feedback that having so many team members can be a challenge in terms of a client knowing who to contact within My HR Pros for a given issue.

Acting on this feedback, My HR Pros implemented a policy that every client be assigned two main points of contact – a Payroll Processor and a Client Advocate. These dedicated points of contact help to ensure that our clients never have to be put into a situation where they do not know who to contact! Below is a quick summary of how these two roles serve our clients:

Payroll Processor: The Payroll Processor is a client’s main point of contact for all things payroll-related. These team members process payroll for our clients all day, every day, and are available to assist with any issue or request that has to do with paying a client’s employees. Oftentimes, our clients send their Payroll Processors items like their weekly/bi-weekly payroll hour submissions, pay rate changes, employee Form W-4 changes, requests for special payroll runs, and other similar requests. Our Payroll Specialists are responsible for ensuring that accurate, timely payroll is processed week in and week out.

Client Advocate: The Client Advocate is the client’s main point of contact for anything and everything else! Client Advocates are responsible for training new clients on our systems, establishing and maintaining open lines of communication between clients and My HR Pros, and generally acting as an advocate for our clients and their requests within the internal team at My HR Pros. If a client is unsure of who to contact for a given issue – we encourage them to send the request to the Client Advocate. If the Client Advocate is unable to provide an answer immediately, the request is routed to the appropriate internal department for an appropriate response.

Each of these two contacts is listed prominently on our clients’ My HR Dashboard Admin Portal so that our clients can always know how to get ahold of their dedicated contacts!

An Extension of Your Team

Fundamentally, My HR Pros is different from most other payroll and HR solution companies in that we are a people- and service-oriented organization. We view ourselves as an extension of our client’s team and seek to build lasting, substantive partnerships that are rooted in trust, mutual respect, and genuine care. Not only do we seek to provide software tools to a client – My HR Pros takes an active role in guiding and supporting clients in their efforts to effectively operate their businesses.

When a client calls, we pride ourselves on having team members on our end of the line who are engaged and invested in helping to solve our clients’ problems, just as a client would expect an employee within their organization to be. Requests range from special payroll requests to complicated compliance concerns that must be handled with the utmost care (and literally everything in between!) – in every situation, though, My HR Pros is there step by step to the resolution. This is an important differentiator for My HR Pros because it’s such a stark contrast to many of the national payroll (and related software) vendors.

As Director of Client Services, I lead our team of Client Onboarding Specialists and our Client Advocates. My team speaks a lot to clients about why they are coming on with My HR Pros. We consistently hear the same feedback about the national “big guys” – “they got us going early on, but later, we couldn’t get ahold of anybody for help!” I would like to say that we have found this experience is different for some clients, but that would not be true. We have talked with clients from many industries and of all sizes, and the experience is always the same – frustratingly empty.

I am proud to be a part of an organization where your service expectations do not have to change just because you have gotten through the “new client” phase. One of My HR Pros’ core values is to be empathetic, understand that the work we do impacts real people in real-life situations, and act accordingly. We have a proven track record of our team doing just that – and the testimonials to back it up!

So, whether a business owner or operator is growing quicker than they can keep up with, realizes they are dealing with antiquated and inefficient systems, or preparing their business for success as they transition into a new phase of life, My HR Pros has the software and more importantly – the service – to meet that need.

If you are a current client and interested in finding out more about how we can meet a need you are having, please contact your Client Advocate – we would love to sit down and talk about how My HR Pros can help!

If you are not yet a client of My HR Pros, we would be honored to work with you! Contact us by way of this form, by email at, or by phone at (479) 474-7752.