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After providing clients with a Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) solution for over 25 years, My HR Professionals is giving our PEO a fresh look. When looking for a payroll solution online, you will inevitably find corporations peddling their own PEO solutions, and this blog is no exception. We are constantly working on ways to improve our services to meet the needs of our customers. As such, we understand the importance of having access to a one-stop solution for every HR need, especially for new business owners. The convenience of being able to go to one place to solve payroll taxes, workers’ compensation insurance, and basic HR functions are incredibly valuable for startups and new owners. However, convenience is only the beginning of the value of our PEO solution. If you’re wondering what a PEO is, check out this post.

Where We Were

My HR Professionals started exclusively as a PEO in 1995. The founders, being CPAs, saw clients’ need for an HR solution that would allow them to focus on their core business functions and not the overhead and paperwork required when hiring employees. It wasn’t until several years later that My HR Pros began supplying payroll-only services for non-PEO clients. My HR Pros’ PEO solution has mostly stayed the same for the last two decades. It started as a vital tool for small startup companies in the area, but as technology improved in the 2000s, other HR services became available to more businesses. The geographic barriers played a different role than they had in years past. To compete with those software companies, My HR Professionals began focusing on finding solutions for companies outside of the PEO model. With that change of focus, we have been able to supply solutions for established businesses where our service exceeds expectations. The downside to this change in direction is that the PEO, the better solution for new businesses and business owners, stayed stagnant and needed to grow to meet the current needs of new businesses and owners. Realizing that as more baby boomers leave the workforce, there will be a void for new businesses and owners to fill, we knew we had to do something. Solution-driven for our customers and future customers has always been at the core of our business. With that in mind, we have added and improved our services with our PEO, specifically with new businesses in mind.

A Fresh Look

Our goal with our PEO solution is to meet every possible need you, as a business owner, may come across in dealing with the HR overhead of your business. We still supply immediate solutions for payroll, w/c insurance, and basic HR, and we have added solutions for startups and new owners within our PEO solutions. Those solutions include but aren’t limited to bookkeeping, employee benefit packages, and employee handbooks. See more on our solutions page! The purpose is to give new entrepreneurs the tools necessary to succeed in their ventures. Starting a new company can be a challenging endeavor. Still, when partnered with a company that truly values its customers and actively participates in the HR functions of their client’s business, owners have the time needed to lead and grow their company. The benefit of using My HR Pros as your HR solution is the ability to pick and choose only the services you will use. Many PEOs force you to fit in their box. They limit your choices, and you must buy everything they offer. While that solution will work for some, it only sometimes works for some. Customizing our services lets you limit costs while still meeting all your needs.

The Horizon Ahead

Our PEO solutions will continue to improve. If there’s one takeaway from the past that we have learned, it’s to not overlook the solutions that new and growing businesses need. There will always be future entrepreneurs ready to take their ideas and make them a reality, and they will need more than just HR solutions when hiring and keeping employees. They will need business solutions that aid in finding credit financing, talent acquisition, compensation analysis, culture building, and many other elements that go into creating a business where others want to join and be a part of your creation. We understand that we’re not fully there yet, but we are committed to building future solutions for businesses that will support them toward success.


Written By: Jonathan Lyon, Director of Benefits at My HR Professionals

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