Outsourcing Questionnaire

Why My HR Professionals?

At My HR Professionals, we understand as an employer you have thousands of outsourcing options. We understand there are other companies out there also with great services to offer; however, if you care about your business then you need to call the HR Pros. Below is a guide to help assist in evaluating the options you have when exploring which outsourcing firm to use.

  1. What does your Customer Service look like when you need more than just software?

Having a partner company that is actually available is of the most importance. Here are some factors to consider when judging effective customer service:

  1. Knowledgeable Staff – We have 50+ full time employees, each trained in different areas. Whether that be a compliance issue with a government agency, a benefits issue/question, time and attendance system problem, retirement plan questions, safety and risk questions, and/or payroll questions, each department is on call to assist. Let’s say you have an EEOC investigator at your work place. Wouldn’t you want someone to come on site and provide support? My HR Professionals is there with you when it matters most.
  1. What policies are in place for mistakes? – At My HR Professionals, we assume liability for mistakes and errors, unlike many other outsourcing companies.
  1. Are their hours of operation adequate for your business? — At My HR Professionals, our hours are Monday-Friday 7:30am-5:30pm CST, but we have availability outside of these hours for clients with special needs.
  1. What online options do you offer?

At My HR Professionals, we offer an all-inclusive administrative dashboard for all things payroll, HR, and Benefits. We have even added an employee portal to help relieve employer administration tasks and enable employees to update personal data (tax deduction changes, reprint w-2’s and check stubs, change personal information such as mailing address).

We also offer a time and attendance system that can help streamline your payroll process, give you the reporting you need, and help track time theft, vacations, and scheduling.

  1. What additional services do you offer, outside of the normal payroll?

At My HR Professionals, we have options ranging from PEO to ASO, meaning you can join us in a full-service plan including coming onto our workers comp policy, or simply elect only to use the payroll service.

We also have different departments that can help in all things HR, Benefits, Safety and Risk, and Retirement al la carte.

  1. What Additional benefits are there to being a client of yours?

At My HR Professionals, we offer a multiple employer plan(MEP) 401k. This means that you can offer a retirement plan with nominal fees, and we handle the fiduciary duties. As part of an MEP you see the benefit of a large group including the lower fees.

We also offer a supplemental group health plan, that way you can offer all the supplemental benefits (vision, dental, short and long-term disability, and even pet insurance) at fantastic rates. As an employer you get to choose if premiums are strictly employee paid or if you want to contribute.

  1. What can I expect as accuracy with my back-office duties, when handing them to you?

References are important. At My HR Professionals, we service many industries. There is a good chance that we already serve a business similar to yours! Most of our clients are more than willing to share their experiences, and we would love for you to talk with them.

The biggest tip I could offer regarding the reference call is to have a list ready and ask the questions you feel are most crucial. Getting the important questions answered up front makes for meaningful conversation and ensures that your needs are met.

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