Payroll and HR for Non-Profits

Managing a non-profit demands a significant investment of your time and energy. We understand the value of these resources and recognize the importance of conserving them. Outsource your routine administrative tasks to My HR Pros and experience the simplicity we bring to running your organization!

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Top reasons non-profit organizations choose My HR Pros

Cost Efficiency

Outsourcing allows non-profits to save salary, benefits, training, and technology costs associated with hiring and retaining in-house payroll and HR staff. By outsourcing to My HR Pros, organizations can often access these services at a lower cost overall.

Expertise and Compliance

My HR Pros, as a professional payroll and HR outsourcing provider, are well-versed in the latest regulations, tax laws, and compliance requirements. This expertise helps non-profits stay in compliance with changing laws and reduces the risk of errors that could lead to legal or financial consequences.

Focus on Core Mission

By outsourcing administrative functions to My HR Pros, you can concentrate on the core mission and activities of your non-profit. Delegating payroll, HR, and benefits management allows organizations to allocate more time and resources to their primary goals, such as fundraising, community outreach, or program development.

Technology and Efficiency

We at My HR Pros leverage advanced technology and systems to streamline processes. Your non-profit can benefit from access to cutting-edge tools for payroll processing, time and attendance tracking, and HR management, improving overall efficiency and accuracy.

Scalability and Flexibility

Non-profits often experience fluctuations in staff size or project-based work. Outsourcing provides scalability, allowing organizations to easily adjust payroll and HR services based on their current needs. This flexibility is particularly valuable for non-profits with varying workforce sizes throughout the year.

"Our non-profit foundation has been using My HR Pros services for over 15 years!  All services are on time and staff is very responsive to our needs." -Marilyn B., non-profit client

Top HR Tech for your Non-Profit Organization:

Customized Employee Portal

Give your employees access to their information, viewing and printing check stubs, editing tax withholdings, and more!

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Time & Attendance App

Our Swipeclock integration with the Admin Dashboard and the Employee Self-Service Portal make it easy to keep track of time worked!

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Electronic Onboarding

When it’s time to hire on-site, hybrid, or remote workers, simply collect all their information electronically through a customized, online onboarding packet!

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We work for you and your business to provide professional HR solutions and services. With over 28 years of experience, you can have confidence in our services and team to do the best job possible for your business. Contact us today for any questions or to request a free demo!

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