March 2022 Newsletter

The Power of Team Member Retention

Written By: Joseph Lyon, CEO

What if you could increase retention and mitigate having to go through the replacement process?

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Team Member Spotlight:

astrid hayes my hr professionals

Astrid Hayes

Resource Manager

Astrid has been with My HR Pros for almost 15 years! She started in 2007 with our Benefits Department and moved to the Resource Center a couple of years ago.

Astrid describes being a Resource Manager as a "jack of many trades". Her job consists of:

  • Covering the kiosk where new hire orientations & drug testing takes place.

  • Assisting clients with onboarding their new hires or getting the new hires entered into the system.

  • Assisting employees with ESS questions.

  • Helping cover the front desk when needed.

  • Astrid is currently being trained on I-9 audits.

    In her free time, Astrid loves spending time with her family, running, and traveling. She also enjoys the occasional motorcycle ride with her husband, Bradley Hayes, who is on our Occupational Safety Team.

    A reminder from Astrid: Remove your mind from can't. You can do anything you put your mind to!

    We appreciate you and everything you do for our team, Astrid!