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In healthcare, efficient procedures allow for scalability and cost savings. With this in mind, My HR Pros has developed a suite of services that are tailored to your business and allow you to streamline procedures.   Call us today to discover the tools we have developed for healthcare!

This page only represents a few of our services.  Click below to see a full overview of what we offer!

Solutions Overview
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Top reasons healthcare businesses choose My HR Pros

Occupational Safety

We offer site-specific audits to identify unsafe and non-compliant issues. Our clients receive recommended corrective actions to mitigate risk to team members, occupants, community members, and business operations! We also offer specific trainings to the healthcare industry: Personal Protective Equipment, Hazard Communication, Bloodborne Pathogens, First Aid/CPR/AED Training.


As a business in the healthcare industry, it is essential to have competitive health benefits for your team! "Practice what you preach," as they say. We can equip businesses with benefits and help administer them too! Two birds with one stone!

Enhanced HR

Team management is important to healthcare businesses. We offer tools to recruit new team members and manage your existing team! From assistance with job descriptions to communicating clear expectations through an employee handbook, we have you covered! When there disciplinary actions are taking place or unemployment claims are received, we're there to assist with those transitions too!

We've used My HR Pros for several years and love their services. They are easy to work with, prompt, accurate, and always willing to answer any questions we may have. They are easy to contact, and I don't get passed around on the phone a dozen times. (good personal service is a rare commodity these days.) Excellent company and they seem to continually search for ways to better assist their customers—A+ rating from us. -Terry R.

Top HR Tech for your Healthcare Business:

Time & Attendance

Our Swipeclock integration with the Admin Dashboard and the Employee Self-Service Portal make it easy to keep track of time worked!

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Employee Self-Service Portal

Healthcare workers can oftentimes work nontraditional hours. We offer an Employee Self-Service Portal for your team to access pay stubs, update addresses, and check company policies outside of business hours. They are also able to complete their benefits open enrollment from the portal!

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Background Checks

When it comes to healthcare, you want to know you can trust an individual before hiring them. With My HR Pros, you can conduct background checks all in one place with ease.

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We work for you and your business to provide professional HR solutions and services. With over 28 years of experience, you can have confidence in our services and team to do the best job possible for your business. Contact us today for any questions or to request a free demo!

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