April 2022 Newsletter

Team Member Spotlight:

kyle arnold my hr professionals

Kyle Arnold

Director of Client Services

Kyle has been with My HR Pros for 8 years! He began as a Benefits Specialist, transitioned to our Customer Support Team, then to our Resource Center, and now Client Services.

As the Director of Client Services, Kyle:

  • Oversees the New Client Onboarding and Client Advocate roles;

  • Helps his team ensure that clients are receiving exceptional service;

  • Communicate client needs to our internal team and advocate for the best possible solution.

    Kyle loves his job because of how solution-oriented My HR Pros is and because of the team he works with.

    In his free time, Kyle enjoys traveling and attempting escape rooms. he has actually attempted over 50 escape rooms with his brother and niece! Kyle brought this activity to My HR Pros and our team was able to do a team building escape room. The whole company had a blast!

    Thank you for everything you do, Kyle. Our team wouldn't be the same without you!

The Power of Team Member Retention

Offering healthcare access is a valuable benefit for employees, but it is not a one-size-fits-all when determining what to offer.

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