5 Steps to the Hiring Process

5 Steps to the Hiring Process

Employees are your company’s greatest asset because they’re your competitive advantage.  Placing a high value on your employee hiring process is invaluable to your business and employees. You want to attract and retain the best, provide them with encouragement, stimulus, and make them feel that they are an integral part of your company’s mission.

Making the right hire, at the right time, can potentially save you $5,000 per new employee. Experts state that replacing an employee amounts to 500 times their hourly rate. For example, a $10 per hour employee costs $5,000 to replace.

There are 5 steps to the hiring process every employer should follow:

  1. Identify What is Needed for the Hiring Process
  2. Define and Seek only “Qualified Applicants”
  3. Interview Effectively
  4. Perform Reference Checks
  5. Extend Job Offer

Identify What is Needed for the Hiring Process

Some action in your company has occurred. An employee has quit, been terminated, or the best case scenario, has gotten promoted. Now, you are tasked to replace that person.

For example, a maintenance tech has quit. Firstly, you should have a job description for the maintenance tech. This would summarize the job duties the employee you are seeking will be required to do.

Next, review the job description (ADA, FLSA, Medical Marijuana Compliant).

  • List the 5 most important job duties, also known as essential job functions.
  • Determine minimum levels of KSAOs  (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other characteristics)
  • Determine most likely places to recruit skills needed
  • Develop a recruitment strategy to attract desirable candidates
  • Understand your company culture and customer culture

Define and Seek Only “Qualified Applicants”

Now, as the Hiring Manager, you will be tasked to look for a “qualified applicant” among all the resumes/applications received.  A company usually defines a qualified applicant as a “potential candidate who has been invited back for a 2nd interview.”  You may have a Company Hiring Protocol that walks you thru this process.  When you post a job opening to social media, be sure to state the specific Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other characteristics required for this position.

Job posting tips:

  • If you are using the “paper method”, typically the best day to run ads are on Sundays and Wednesdays.
  • Use free job posting sites like LinkedIn, or your company Facebook page.

When defining and seeking only qualified applicants, make sure you review the applications thoroughly. For example, look for key words identified from the job description.  Review work history for relevant work experience in the maintenance field.  Some things to keep in mind when reviewing applications:

  • A complete application form – remember, an employment application is a legal document.
  • Check experience continuity.
  • Note excessive job hopping.
  • Does the applicant have the right credentials or licensures, if required?
  • Has the applicant been convicted of a felony that would prevent them from being hired?

Interview Effectively

So, you have selected a few applicants to come in for an in-person interview. You need to be prepared for the interview.  If you use a structured interview questionnaire it will make your job easier as you have already defined the questions you want to ask each applicant.  The structured interview questionnaire will help curb discrimination charges because all applicants are asked the same questions.  Make sure to avoid yes, no questions because open-ended questions will allow the applicant to open up and share information that they normally wouldn’t.  Practice active listening by rephrasing responses.  Remain silent when applicant is being evasive.

  • Great Questions to ASK:
    • What hours and days can you work?
    • Are there specific times that you cannot work?
    • Do you have a reliable method of getting to work?
    • Can you perform the duties of the job you are applying for?
  • Questions to AVOID:
    • Are you married?
    • Do you have children?
    • Are you pregnant?
    • How old are you?
    • Do you have a disability?

Perform Reference Checks

Perform Reference Checks to ensure your company’s due diligence before making the job offer. You will need to have applicant sign a release form before checking personal, professional, and previous employer references.  Tell applicant that passing a pre-employment drug screen, and clear background check is contingent upon continued employment, if applicable.

Extend Job Offer

The last step in the hiring process is to make a conditional job offer if applicable.  Otherwise move forward with the offer and convey this to the applicant by using an offer letter, again if applicable.  Make sure you do not make promises that could be seen as an implied binding contract.  Treat everyone the same to prevent discrimination charges. If you decide not to hire an applicant make sure the reason for the no-hire is job related.

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