Workplace Bullying – A Serious Issue for Human Resources

Human resources departments typically don’t have anti-bullying policies high on their list of priorities. However, not enforcing one could lead to low work productivity and retention rates, which can be damaging to the business. According to Business News Daily, most companies have some sort of a sexual harassment policy in place. Still, very few companies have procedures for employees to report workplace bullying.

Bullying or intimidating actions by other coworkers do not necessarily fit under most businesses’ sexual harassment clauses. However, bullied employees can feel threatened, uncomfortable, or intimidated in the workplace environment. Other coworkers and companies need some sort of policy for staff members to speak up, reported Business News Daily.

According to the Workplace Bullying Institute, in 2010, nearly 35 percent of U.S. employees reported being bullied at work. These distractions can affect businesses in multiple ways. Employees should contact their human resources department to see what anti-bullying policies are in place at their workplace.

Anti-Bullying Aspect of Workplaces

Many businesses and managers overlook or completely miss the anti-bullying aspect of workplaces. Employees should never feel intimidated to come to work, reported Business News Daily. It’s effortless for a small incident to turn into a significant issue. If the company doesn’t have an anti-bullying policy, they could be at risk for workplace bullying lawsuits.

Several managers and higher-ups believe that small incidents should be worked out between employees and during their own time because they are adults. However, workers should receive protection in all types of incidents. Whether it’s a work safety precaution regarding the equipment used or if someone feels threatened by another employee, they come into work.

A productive work environment can fail if issues do not receive attention early on before the problem escalates. Suppose an employee follows through with their threats. In that case, lawsuits will indeed arise, and the company’s reputation and integrity could diminish. Employers should never turn a blind eye if bully or hazing occurs in the workplace even if there aren’t lawsuits, reported Business News Daily. Bullying can have other repercussions and ultimately create a hostel and negative work environment.

Define bullying in the employee handbook and news feeds

While many companies might not think there are bullying incidents happening in their office, it’s still smart to continually inform workers on what counts toward bullying. Doing so will encourage workers to stand up and speak out against any conflicts. Employee handbooks should have detailed information on bullying’s specific actions. As well as what disciplinary actions they will be subject to if bullying occurs, reported Business News Daily.

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