Tips to Avoid Hiring Mistakes

Human resources professionals juggle many responsibilities on a daily basis and planning to avoid hiring mistakes often gets overlooked. One of the most difficult tasks  for HR professionals is identifying candidates who would be ideal fits for their organization. There is no exact science in choosing individuals who make excellent employees and can help a company grow. Everyone is different, and bad hires happen. However, there are some best practices for selecting quality individuals who would be positive additions to a business:

  1. Video interviews save time, money, and help avoid hiring mistakes

The interview process can be long and tedious, especially when it requires candidates to meet with more than one person. stated that video interviews could weed out unfit candidates, saving decision-makers time throughout the early hiring process stages.

  1. Use a temporary hiring agency: “try it before you buy it”

For this exact reason is what makes staffing agencies so valuable to companies. It allows organizations and new hires to go through a trial period without either having to enter a long-term relationship that may not work out.

  1. Investigate how a candidate fits into the company culture

If no two people are alike, neither are any working environments. Every company has its own culture that only certain individuals can thrive. Asking behavioral questions during the interview phase can help HR professionals best determine if someone would be a quality addition to their organization.

Why Shy Candidates May Make the Best Employees

When considering moving a candidate along in a company’s hiring process, HR staff may look for certain personality traits during an initial screening call. Those who are introverted and don’t talk much may be a red flag. Still, according to American Express, these candidates have the potential to be excellent hires.

The credit card company states that what these individuals lack in communication may be made up by listening and applying. These candidates may also have strong attention to detail and high focus abilities, qualities that any organization craves in a potential staff member. Ruling someone out because he or she isn’t extroverted could prove costly when assembling a staff of quality employees.

Candidate screening and hiring are two crucial aspects of any company. Ensuring that these processes are reliable for identifying quality candidates is vital. They also minimize hiring mistakes and can help an organization assemble a quality workforce that contributes to increased growth.


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