Preventing Absenteeism After Big Events

Preventing absenteeism can be an ongoing battle between human resource departments and employees. According to Link 2, the largest day for absences is the day after the Super Bowl. An estimated 1.5 million employees call in sick after the big game.

Human resource departments are always trying to figure out reduce absences in the workplace. Here are three steps to help:

1.Curb unplanned sick days into planned ones

There’s no doubt that the Monday after the Super Bowl will continue to have the highest absenteeism rates. Also, nearly 4.4 million employees arrive late to work on the same day, reported Link 2. The best way to prepare is planning for absences by letting workers know in advance that tardiness will be less enforced.

Many companies believe that allowing workers to come in late will hurt business. However, research has shown that 19 percent of companies lost productivity with unplanned absences. In contrast, only 13 percent were lost from planned absences.

2.Keep workers healthy

Exercise and eating a nutritious diet can keep workers from calling off multiple sick days by merely living healthier. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, obese employees are prone to higher absenteeism levels than normal-weight workers.

Companies that provide healthy snacks and invest in exercise and wellness programs are likely to see reduced absenteeism levels. HR departments that encourage weight-loss programs at the beginning of the year can encourage them to shed pounds throughout 2021. According to The Marietta Daily Journal, starting days like “Fruity Fridays” can help employees focus on eating healthy at work.

3.Plan Carefully

Human resource departments should research what days employees are most likely to call off work and plan around those days. Also, important meetings should not occur on the day after big games or significant events. HR departments can ask employees to get an advanced estimation on the absentee level.

HR departments can plan employee events on the Monday after the big game instead of the more typical Friday work party event. In this instance, employees will be encouraged to come to work to celebrate the occasion with free food or dishes themed around the event.

Employees should contact human resources to see what actions they are taking to help mitigate absences in the workplace.

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