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When would you prefer to learn of a potential misstep regarding employment issues, laws, and regulations? Before or after it becomes a risky, costly liability?

Heavy HR headlines

Consider a few of the missteps below and determine for yourself whether you would like information about these issues before or after the events:

Risk and liability

Like so many before, they thought they had it covered, or they had it all figured out. Several items on the horizon with these and other agencies will affect all businesses in the future. For example, The Department of Labor looks in detail at employee misclassification. Misclassification happens in several areas of employment, such as misclassifying an employee as an independent contractor or misclassifying a position as exempt when the position does not meet the approved classification criteria established by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). These misclassifications alone carry significant risk and liability, which may result in the payment of back wages, including overtime, with liquidated damages and penalties.

The EEOC is currently looking into and trying to weed out systemic discrimination. Systemic discrimination is a form of retaliation where an employee is placed under greater scrutiny for filing a complaint or requesting a workplace accommodation.

You don’t have to go through it alone

Without this knowledge and understanding of what laws exist, proper handling of complaints, and the tools to document your decision process an employer may lose every time! But with My HR Professionals, you have an alternative to facing these issues on your own.  With Enhanced HR services, you can have access to a trained, knowledgeable, certified HR professionals to provide information on the laws applicable to your specific issue so you can make better-informed decisions while keeping the risk and liability of your business in mind. Our team members care about sharing our resources with you so your employment decisions can be based on facts supported by documentation so you can look at your choices without bias and confidently make your decisions.

My HR Pros are not attorneys; we do not provide legal advice. Still, if your situation calls for outside legal advice, we will guide you in gathering the details needed to consult with your legal counsel to ensure your meeting with the issue at hand is on target.

How we help

My HR Pros does not replace your HR Department. We act as a sounding board, an extra pair of eyes and ears on the situation to make you aware of any unconscious bias and misinformation which could be tainted by outside knowledge. With My HR Pros, you are still in control of and responsible for your employment decisions and acting on behalf of your Company. You’d also have a knowledgeable Pro with the tools and information to provide a 360-degree review of the situation from all applicable angles of State/Federal laws, regulations, and policies specific to your business. Do you need solutions and options to resolve the issue after it starts? Conflict resolution is possible in many situations if addressed promptly, and we will not leave you hanging! Our team can provide solutions and options for your consideration and review in many cases.

Get in the know with the Pros! Learn more about other Enhanced HR Services and come out to get to know the Pros at one of our upcoming Teach Me trainings. We look forward to hearing from and serving you soon!


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