Address Changes

Effective November 1, 2023

We will no longer accept paper address change forms. All employees submitting address changes to My HR Professionals will be directed to make the change via their Employee Self Service Portal. Alternatively, authorized company contacts may also enter these account details directly into My HR Dashboard.


The decision to remove the paper employee change form as an option is due to the global concern of identity theft. The U.S. Postal Service has implemented a new policy this year requiring change of address to be made online with multifactor authentication, or in-person with proper identification documents. We believe that it’s in the best interest of our customers to follow suit by making sure the security enhancements available are fully utilized.

Note:  This change in policy only impact address changes. Addresses received as a part of a new employee's New Hire Packet will continue to be entered by My HR Professionals staff. The time of hire is the sole instance that My HR Professionals will enter address account information on an employee's behalf.

Although My HR Professionals will continue to process address change requests received through October 31, 2023, our hope is that by providing advanced notice of this change, our clients will have an opportunity to begin communicating the change to employees and will encourage employees to begin submitting their changes via the Employee Self Service Portal.

For assistance with ESS registration or address changes, contact the Resource Center at 800-940-8706 or