Training- Time & Attendance

Employee Self-Service Portal

How-To: Employee Self Service Portal
The “Employee Self Service Portal” provides employees a set of self-management options for their personal time and attendance activities.

Manager and Administrator How-To Guides

How-To: Employee Setup Training Video
This video covers how to manually add new employees and set them up with the minimal data necessary for them to start using the system. The information needed to setup an employee may vary by client specific setups requirements. Please refer to your Timekeeping setup guide for additional information.

How-To Time Card Editing Training Video
These videos cover how to edit time cards in TimeWorksPlus.

How-To Time Card Approvals Training Video
This section explains how managers and supervisors can use this functionality.

How-To: Multi Time Card Approval Guide
Multi-Time Card Approval is a time saving feature that allows certain users to approve multiple time cards at the same time.

How- To: Finalize Time Cards
Finalizing is a way to protect time card data from being changed after timekeeping is submitted to payroll. When you finalize a pay period, it locks out all levels of users from editing and approving the time cards. The normal process is to finalize after supervisors and managers have checked, edited and approved time cards, and the timekeeping file is ready for payroll. Finalizing can only be done per pay period and for all employees. There is no way to finalize individual days or time cards.

How- To: Time Off Management and Reports Training Video
These videos explain the steps for approving, rejecting and conditionally approving time off for employees. They will also explain the value of two related reports, the Accruals Report and the Time Off Request Report.

How-To: Run Reports
In this section you will find various how-to guides on running reports from the timekeeping system.

How- To: Instruction Guide for Resetting an Employee’s Password
Employees can self-reset their password for the TimeWorksPlus WebClock/Employee Portal if they have an email in their employee setup.

If the employee doesn’t have an email in their profile, then a manager will need to manually reset the password in their Employee Setup record. This article explains how to do that.

How-To: Client Administrator’s Training for Login Maintenance of Supervisors Training Video
If you need to add a new supervisor to the timekeeping system, or just modify the settings for an existing manager, this brief video will show you how. The Login Maintenance page, found in the Maintenance Menu, is where you create the logins, choose which employees the supervisor sees and enable certain permissions.


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