As the economic situations change, so does a business’ needs. Added into this mix is the ever increasing requirement by the various federal, state, and even some local regulatory agencies for training in areas such as harassment, diversity, violence, employment law, etc. As needed, My HR Professionals’ Professional staff reviews each business, their needs, and then develops a training program specific to them and their industry. Each training session is targeted to meet the desired training objectives and needs of each client and includes interactive personalized instructions by one or more trained professional staff members.

Customized Employee and Manager Training

  • Harassment
  • Diversity
  • Employment Law
  • Workplace Violence
  • On-Demand Employee Development

Safety Training

  • Hazards Communication (OSHA required) – chemical hazards in the workplace
  • Bloodborne Pathogens (OSHA required for employees with occupational exposure)
  • Electrical Safety (basic training for non-electricians)
  • Fire Prevention (OSHA required) includes portable fire extinguisher training
  • Material Handling (manual and mechanical)
  • Accident Investigation
  • Personal Protective Equipment selection, use, storage and disposal
  • Respiratory Protection (how to select, use, clean and store respirators)
  • Job Safety Analysis (also known as Job Hazard Analysis)
  • Lockout/Tagout training for all 3 OSHA-recognized levels of employee
  • Walking and Working Surfaces (how to prevent slips, trips and falls)
  • Industrial Truck Training (Forklift worksite certification)