Don’t Let Timekeeping take up your Time!!

Cutting admin costs, preventing time theft, reducing labor costs, in depth reporting, job costing, ACA tracking, are just some of the reasons companies are switching to automated time clock systems.

In this fast paced, highly regulated world, keeping track on hand written time sheets is risky business. This old way of tracking time is based on the honor system which we all know, is a flawed system. There are solutions out there that will save owners, office managers, back office staff, time and ultimately money.

With the advancements in technology, employers are switching to automated time clock systems to provide invaluable analytics, customize reporting, job costing, holiday and accrual tracking, commission tracking, and the list goes on.

No matter what kind of business  you have, there are options to meet every need. There are smart phone apps for the mobile office staff, simple proximity cards or fobs for manufacturing plants, Biometric clocks for more secure facilities, and even a call in clock for professions with changing locations.

Eliminating manual data entry, minimizing human error, reducing clerical hours all help in setting up companies for success by giving them back some of their most valuable resources, Time and Money.

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