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Client Testimonials

  • My HR Professionals do an excellent job handling our payroll and human resources needs. I’ve done business with a lot of outside services. My HR Professionals is always available – they make themselves available – and they go above and beyond. They make life easier for me, so I can go out and do what I do best – sell cars!

    - David N.

  • We've been using My HR Professionals for all of our Human Resources and payroll needs for over 7 years. They do an excellent job and are always available when we need them. Our HR clerk communicates with them by phone or email daily and always gets answers to her questions. Using My HR Professionals allows me to concentrate on taking care of our customers and the freedom to do what I do best – run my business. I would definitely recommend My HR Professionals to any size business who doesn’t want to have to worry about all the ins and outs of Human Resources.

    - Bob M.

  • Since the day in 2000 when we launched, My HR Professionals has handled our automatically-deposited payroll and important tax reporting. We were busy enough making products – and we wanted experts to do our payroll accounting. Using the services of My HR Professionals has freed our time to concentrate on what we do best. For over 10 years, we have trusted My HR Professionals to take care of our payroll needs – and we still do.

    - Lynn W.

  • My HR professionals has been a lifesaver for our business. We rely on their team for all of our HR, payroll, and employee handbook needs. They even make sure we are compliant with all OSHA regulations. The time savings alone has been invaluable, the price is right, and my time is freed up to work ON our business not IN our business.

    - Matt H.

  • Let me just say that My HR Professionals have gone above and beyond. Your team has taken so much stress off of me so I can focus more on running my business rather than my business running me. Every one of your teammates has exceeded my expectations and has excellent customer service. I am beyond grateful to your team for everything you do on a daily basis to help our company succeed. I have absolutely no complaints. My advice to your company is simple. Keep doing what you are doing!

    - Jodie C.